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  Learning to Play,  

  Playing to Learn  

Now Offering        IN-Home FACETIME and SKYPE LESSONS

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Worldwide Piano &  Music School is a conservatory of music located in Edison, NJ. We offer 3 divisions of study: General Music Division, Studio Music Division and Pre-College Division.  This proprietary curriculum ensures that your child receives the best at every stage in their musical development. 

Your 'track' is completely customizable and elective courses further personalize and enhance your learning experience. 


Our faculty is comprised of the best in Music Education. Worldwide Music School teachers are passionate about music and are eager to guide you through your musical journey. Lessons are offered on all instruments, for all ages and in all styles.  We teach Piano Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Violin Lessons, Sax Lessons, Flute Lessons, Voice Lessons, and more.


Whether you're dreaming of getting to the worlds greatest concert stages or simply looking to have fun- we can help you do it! 

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