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The First Note


From your child's first note, our faculty is identifying ways to help your child prosper and become their best- beyond the music they play.

We teach problem solving, critical thinking, develop focus, self-esteem, self-discipline, and more key principals vital to success both inside and outside of the classroom!

This unique philosophy in music education required a unique curriculum to support it. The proprietary 3 divisions of study curriculum does exactly that. 


Select the division that best suites your goals and learning style- General Music Division, Studio Music Division or Pre-College Division. Your 'track' is completely customizable. Learn more about Divisions of Study by visiting the programs tab

Teach In Harmony


Teaching in Harmony means every student is matched with a teacher that best suites their learning style and all our programs blend beautifully together to support your child's continued progress. Our proprietary curriculum, developed by Director of Education Aislyn Magrys, ensures that students needs are met at every stage in their musical development. Contact us for a courtesy learning style evaluation.   


We teach all musical instruments, all musical styles, to all ages. Not just children and not only Piano! We teach Piano Lessons, Violin Lessons, Voice Lessons, Saxophone Lessons, etc.

No matter your age, instrument of interest, or the style of music you like to play, we have classes for you. Learn classical or jazz- or both! Treat yourself to those music lessons you promised yourself years ago. Be extra prepared for your band concert or all state choir auditions. Worldwide Piano and Music School is truly your one stop shop. We are here to assist you with all your musical needs. 

The Future Sounds Good


We are constantly looking toward the future and making improvements. From a partnership with Seiler Pianos which allows us to put brand new German designed pianos in each classroom, to technology such as iPad where teachers can easily manage attendance and update a skills section, (which allows you to track your child's progress) our commitment to a future that sounds good, never ends. 


Group Elective Courses such as master classes and music theory courses also ensure the future sounds good here at Worldwide Music School. Performances  such as recitals and competitions are available with Ensembles coming soon. View the Programs tab for more information regarding Electives!


Exposure to live music is just as critical to student development as performance. Enjoy special invitations to local performances, a Teacher Talent Show and Summer Intensive ending with "Music in the Park." There are performance, elective and extracurricular events all year long that are sure to inspire and motivate.


You can visit our facebook page for all upcoming events.   

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Aislyn Magrys
Director of Education
Director's Notes 


Renowned pedagogue Cheryl Lavender said, "The fact that children can create beautiful music, is less significant than the fact that music can create beautiful children."


I was not born into a musical family but blessed that my parents recognized my enthusiasm for piano and sought a teacher for me. When I was just 7 years old my piano teacher said (while she played the most beautiful music I had ever heard) "If you have music, you can never feel alone."  My parents could not afford a piano for me but one day a piano arrived at my door- A gift from my teacher. The ability to play music changed my life and shaped who I am today. I wasn't born with the ability, or "naturally gifted," it was taught to me. It has been my life's passion to give back what was given to me and share the gift of music with others so that they too may feel and believe all the beautiful things that music can make possible. 

Special thanks to Owner & President Rick Aquino who gave me my first teaching position in 2008 and later believed in me and my proprietary curriculum enough to allow me to serve as your Director of Education.   

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