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  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    


General Music Division    

Music Lessons Perfect for any student looking to expand their knowledge and playing abilities.  This is where the music hobbyist can learn, grow and have fun in a relaxed, non-competitive setting.  


This track includes 30 minute private music lessons on any instrument and twice yearly group recitals. 

Studio Music Division

Challenge yourself to a more demanding music education curriculum by enrolling in the Studio Division. This division gains you access to more highly accredited and experienced teachers. At this level you may also opt for the World renowned Royal
Academy of Music ABRSM curriculum and grading system. Your depth of knowledge and musicianship will flourish.  For more information about ABRSM please visit

This track includes 45 minute private music Lesson on any instrument (Piano lessons, Guitar Lessons, String Lessons, Brass Lessons, and Voice ) ,ABRSM curriculum, testing, and Royal School certified grade completion certificates, and twice yearly recitals.

Pre-College Division

Master your instrument in the Pre-College division.  This is our most rigorous division featuring an exciting music curriculum sure to challenge and inspire.  Here we fine-tune each facet of musicianship.  

This track includes 1 hour private music lesson on your primary instrument, free admittance to Music Theory Elective and Master Classes, one group recitals, one private recital, and multiple competition opportunities. 


MUSIC THEORY:  Music Theory is the foundation of Music Education. A study that allows us to understand the language of music. Examining key signatures, intervals, scales, chords, and other fundamentals.  Multiple theory levels are available.

MASTER CLASS:  In a Master Class a highly proficient artist/ music teacher works with one student on a piece of music in front of an audience. The intention is to provide a transformational learning opportunity for the performer as well as the observers. 

ENSEMBLE:  Explore the magic of chamber music, accompanying, 4 hand piano performance and more... Collaborate with your peers and create beautiful music together. 

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